DOMAIN #1 (OF 5) CVR A RACHAEL STOTT (7/10/2024)

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When three best friends discover a crashed UFO, they also discover technology that gives them incredible abilities! But there’s a catch: only one of them can use the powers at a time! Can their friendship survive the power’s temptation?In the pages of Image’s Eisner-winning series, PUBLIC DOMAIN, Syd Dallas and the team at Dallas Comics reimagine their classic character THE DOMAIN for a new audience, and…this is that comic!This special series, written by** CHIP ZDARSKY** (Batman,** NEWBURN**) with amazing art by RACHAEL STOTT (Fantastic Four, Dr. Who) and EREN ANGIOLINI (Justice League: Last Ride) is a classic superhero story for those coming in fresh, and a fun meta story for readers of PUBLIC DOMAIN!


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